Haitoku no Kyoudai • Episode 1


Haitoku no Kyoudai
A cool female teacher who is innocent wants to be bullied "Boundary of immorality" where one student thoroughly abuses a beautiful teacher with a two-sided theme! A forbidden immoral drama in which a beautiful teacher who wears a suit tightly and gives strict guidance to anyone who is cool and thorough is addicted to a student's cock! A priest who goes crazy with a sloppy panting on a man who is pressed and licked wherever his harsh face is in class! Everywhere in the school, the youthfulness of squirming in order to exhaust the dignity as a priest! A must-see for the "dripping shame" of a beautiful teacher who is swept away by such youth and drowns! Please look forward to the "Saint's Rumble", where the young cloudiness will upset the sex appeal of adults and make them fall!
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