Haji+ Shinchishin • Episode 1


Haji+ Shinchishin
Taiki, a perverted teacher who loves to endure the embarrassment of beautiful girls. Taiki had enjoyed watching her childhood friend, Hina, endure shame by doing everything she could, such as tying her up and groping her. He was looking for a new test subject to take advantage of his recent sense of rut and his own position... A beautiful girl, Mina Shijo, who is a candidate for such a pervert Mina, the daughter of an old family, is a good girl who is good-natured, bright and cheerful, and gets along well with anyone. She is, but she's a little lacking in Otsumu, and she's also a disappointing child who plunges into wrong things indiscriminately... For Taiki, in order to quickly drive her into her test subject, he plans a situation that she cannot refuse, but...
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