Kisaku: Reiwa Ban • Episode 1


Kisaku: Reiwa Ban
A demonic work that commits a married woman on the veranda of an apartment in broad daylight. While uploading the situation on GetTube, his interest began to shift to the next target. "A teenage female in perfect white pants...that's the meat pot I want right now." From the cameras set up in the city, Kisaku chose Yuri Himeno, a genuine young lady. He quickly prepares a threat and follows Yuri on her way home from her part-time job. Kisaku is welcomed by Yuri's father, Tatsuya, as the benefactor who saved her daughter. However, Tatsuya is put to sleep after being swallowed. It was a demonic work that threatens Yuri, who desperately resists in front of his father, and throws her poisonous fangs. “Young lady’s meat jar training is still… from now on.”
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