Koi Maguwai • Episode 1


Koi Maguwai
Seductive Ginko spends her days in Yoshibara's red light district, pleasing men for money. One day, a street vendor catches Ginko's attention and she realizes that years ago he was the boy who saved her life, as well as the first human she saw, and the object of her affections. The problem is that Ginko is a fox spirit named Ayakashi, and her love for Yuujiro is actually forbidden. Knowing that she couldn't be with Yuujiro for her own safety, Ginko ran away and ended up being a courtesan. Meanwhile, Yuujiro, who never forgot Ginko, became a street vendor so he could search for her and find her again. Finally reunited, Ginko allows herself a night of pleasure and happiness, a forbidden date with the man she loves.
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