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Kuroinu 2 The Animation
The city of corruption and lust, "The Service Nation," under the control of Radmila, the empress of pleasure, "all women are obliged to serve sexually." In its history of prosperity and decadence, a man now burns his ambitions. More than a hundred years after its founding, the country has now reached its peak of prosperity and decadence. As Empress Radmira, who controls the nation, spends her days indulging in pleasure, many nations that do not tolerate any more vices unite to form the "Holy Alliance" that advocates an anti-service nation. The momentum of the allied forces succeeded in hunting down the service nation until it overwhelmed and besieged, but before that a man was blocked. Direct Rondo, the knight captain of the service nation, is rumored to be the return of the founding father, the mercenary king Volt. According to Radmira's orders, he defeated the allied forces surrounding the service nation and pursued them, but his true ambition was [Usurper of the throne]. Direct burns his ambitions to defeat not only the Allied beauty princess but also Empress Radmira and obtain all of the service nations.
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