Papa Katsu! • Episode 1


Papa Katsu!
It's annoying ... It is my daughter-in-law's tsumugi who glares at Namiki's complaint She dressed her uniform loosely in her pigtail, she is a serious girl unlike her appearance She reaches her smartphone ... I found my dad. The other party is Saki, an honor student. Unlike Tsumugi, she is a beautiful girl who has a lot of trust from her teacher and is the chairman of the class and has excellent grades. Her next target for Papa Katsu is ... What are you doing, you're not a dad A message stolen by her father-in-law, Ryo The discipline was bad in the first place. I should also choose her friend who was not good at sweetening her daughter-in-law A hot, full-blown uncle stick towering in front of her was urging her to push up the guts of her tsumugi ...
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