Real Eroge Situation! 2 The Animation • Episode 1


Real Eroge Situation! 2 The Animation
Overflowing delusional situations The main character "Toru Seo" is written in a notebook called "Propensity Diary". It is a masturbation act that replaces masturbation, suppressing the overflowing libido! "No one understands this hobby, and I can't do her." He thought so. One day, when Toru, who had forgotten his notebook in her classroom, returned in a hurry, What was there was <masturbating with Toru's propensity diary in one hand> It was the appearance of her classmate "Otori Chikage". Accepting her propensity, which she believed would never be accepted, Suddenly in a harem state surrounded by heroines who understand more! His "real" and "eroge" -like everyday life began in this way! A girl who accepts all the delusional duero situations of peculiar habits. An erotic story that thoroughly enjoys intense sex with such a girl!
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